oh poor suddenlink

Jon is giving them an ear full we pay for there fastest internet 50 megs and Jon just noticed we are only getting 5 megs😳

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its a no pants watch lost till 11pm then play sims4 kind of night✌️ #me #lala #bored #starwars

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Starting another business is freaking exciting and also stressful haha

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I love love love how jon will just praise me and thank me for cleaning or doing just about anything:) I cleaned the office and the living room and he said wow babe the place looks great you always do such a good job thank you. then we left went to dinner and came back and he said it’s so nice to come home to a clean house thank you sweetie:) It warms my heart how appreciative he is:)

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Some pretty awesome things are going to be happening soon!! && my sweet man helps and supports me every step of the way😘 #me #clothes #awesome #soexcited #yay #bigdreams

Hitting up target’s clearance rack’s and also going in search of a clothing rack from target (big things are in the works) and then dinner with my momz and my man and then I will be impatiently awaiting 11pm so I can play the new sims4 If I can stay up that Long I’m an old ladie 9pm is my bedtime haha.

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Three days till the fair! Im offering these fun sessions again this year!:) $100 an hour session 12 photos on fb and on a cd and one outfit!:) book while slots are available :) #me #thefair #abilene #photography #pearlphotography #fair #abilenefair #fun #booknow #senior2014 #abilenehigh #cooperhigh #school #teens #awesome #session
This year is flying by!

next year is bringing some amazing things into my life❤️ Ill be 22 and Jessica’s baby will be here my sister will prob be pregnant Jon and I will have been together 5 years and we may even be engaged!!

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Jon preordered the sims4 for me😍😍😍😍 its pre loading 10 hours till i can play😭 #mancrushmonday #mine #sims4 #spoiled #itisntcheap #hesthebest #happy #excited #imadork #me

Picture taken from one of the biggest Fitness blogs: IsThisFitness.com
piper always makes things harder haha #babe #piper #cats #me