So i wore makeup and straitened my hair and put on one of my cute new tops for work I also woke up super early and I felt awesome despite my usual chest pain and nausea which Im going to the doctor for monday but anyways I get to work and the first thing i hear is ohh ur dressed up and all pretty whats the occasion like um theres not on i simply decided to get ready? then i get the rest of the day the same crap just said differently people cant just outright compliment u they have to question it because heaven forbid i look nice for no reason?! So now im just frustrated and would like to go home to jon and cook our healthy organic frozen pizzas and go for a walk an go to bed.

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I wasn’t feeling well last night so I went to bed at 9 i guess when Jon came to bed i asked him for some toast and he had taken the bread to work i don’t remember any of this lmao but this morning i woke up wanting toast so i woke Jon up to ask him where the bread was and he was all what huh its at work so i cursed him again lmao. jon really is awesome when Im sick which is a lot unfortunately but anytime i moved or got up out of bed last night was immediately awake going sweetie are you ok? every single time it was so cute and sweeet❤️❤️❤️

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Ive got to figure out how to do my hair pretty bleh. #workday #me #weekend #friday #itsmymonday #followme
jon and I just had our last piece of candy(anything sweet) for the next 30 days! so scary but exciting:) #me #nosweets #cleaneating #scary #woo
organic mixed veggies,crispy baked Italian chicken thighs and a baked potato for dinner now we are gonna clean up and go walk:) #fun #me #cleaneating #yum
we have the weirdest cats #lol #me #what

Good lookin food 😏

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lunchhh two all beef hotdogs, organic corn,and a bit of mac and cheese.Jon had some baked chicken,organic green beans,and some chopped up baked potato chunks and a bit of mac an cheese that we had the other night.😊 #me #organic #cleaneating #yum #lunch #yay #sogood