you do not wanna

make me anymore irritated or angry today Im about ready to blow up on some people

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next week is gonna be filled with workouts twice a day and practicing driving weee

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Jamie and Blayze :) #pearlphotography #photography
Harper family:) #pearlphotography #photography

i love when people in other departments get mad at me when i do my job which makes them have to do theres smdh

Today is not a day you want to fuck with me.

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Today has been rough

lets pray that these photos are amazing and i get lots of clients from them.

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Jon bought me another hard drive cause i used all 500 gb of my first one for photos😳 #photographerproblems #me #thanksbabe #helpstohaveacomputertechasaboyfriend 😍❤️
so cute:) didn’t even have to pose her she was doing it all on her own:) #me #pearlphotography #photography
little paisley she was a doll to work with😊😊 #me #pearlphotography #photography #abilene

cooked Jon and i supper last night then we cuddled in bed and watched click always a good way to end the night:)

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i walked three and a half miles yesterday which is the most I’ve ever done even when i was 30 pounds lighter than i am now my thighs hurt as do my feet and i could barely go to bed last night because my knee hurt so bad and now Im like burning up (prob my metabolism)?? but im so happy to be working out again! going to walk like that at 11 m-t and at 5:15 im going to do these 25 min workouts with morgan and her cousin i think its a T25 dvd set that we are gonna do but Im excited:) ready to lose weight

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