the simplest things let me know Jon loves me:):)
he got me tea at taco casa and it was horrible so he gave me his water and rinsed my tea cup out and put water in it for himself he’s just so sweet.

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I just wanna feel better😫😫😫

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shes trying to be a sweet girl cause i don’t feel good at all so far shes failing miserably 😂 #me #cats
Maybe the first thing to do is to stop figuring out where you’re going and just enjoy where you’re at.

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Hello, I need this.

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Need to remember this

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still having trouble figuring out what to eat as far as eating clean healthy foods does anyone have any good advice or books or blogs they can recommend?

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its day’s like today when I’m sick and am trying to work with clients and edit photos that make me questions my career.

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on a positive note

Ive been wanting to try quest nutrition protein bars and I got two sent in the mail for free! of course they take forever to get here but there freee

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Been super depressed about my weight this week have barely gotten dressed or off the couch and today im throwing up:/ next week is a new week and ill make the changes i need to be happy!

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