i own three resorts on the sims and my sim is stressed da fuck out as am i lmfao time to start overrrr

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i love how i can be freaking out cause the tv isn’t working theres crap everywhere the camera cord broke and the laundry basket broke and Jon comes home on his hour lunch break and fixed everything brought me quarters for the laundry matt and brings me lunch couldn’t ask for a better man by my side❤️❤️

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i named my sim gypsy ora noww to talk jon into letting us name our child gypsy when we have one lmao

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so instead of dinner and a movie i got dinner shopping and jon bought me a new sims 3 game WINNING hehe I’m addicted to sims games leave me alone:P but i got some good smelling perfume and jon got some much needed new shorts:)

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dinner and a movie with jon❤️❤️ my new favorite shirt👍 #me #datenight #yay
actually sleeping in this bed its been here for weeks haha
her eyes are so odd but i love it❤️❤️ #me #piper
piper looks lime she swallowed a golf ball 😂 #me #piper
little piper❤️ #me #hehe
before and after in our freezer slowly getting stuff organized :) #me #freezer #yay
ok yall is that not like weird? piper and this random cat have the same colors its hard to tell on piper in photos but in person she looks like the one to the right but a baby haha weird!
seriously set my bowl down and came back and shes drinking my milk lmfao spoiled brat #me #lilly