haha😂 he was trying to figure out how to sit like Jon #me #sweeties
my fav guys playing ball together❤️❤️❤️ #me #sweeties

Bambi + Indie blog :-)
really happy with

how my life is going right now:) its tough but its great

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Tons of great items on my website ready to grace your lovely bodies and closets!!! website link in bio!:) #pearlscloset #shopmycloset #me #effyourbeautystandards #plussizeclothes #fun #clothes #shopping
This photo is one of the firsts from a photo shoot that I’ve had done where I love my body❤️❤️  @iam_fabulous555 #iam_fabulous555 #me #effyourbeautystandards #animalprint #plussize #happy #confident #bodypostive
the last thing

we need is another cat but theres an orange and white medium length haired cat outside who just loves me he wont go to anyone else besides jon and I hes pretty skittish and timid but he lets us pet him i found him tonight on my patio looking for food so i took him some and so we may be welcoming a 3rd cat into our home hes soo skinny it worries me that he may have been someones but hes been here for over six months so I think maybe he was left when someone moved:/

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Another fav of mine❤️❤️❤️ #curvychic #me #plussizeandproud #effyourbeautystandards #followme #animalprint #ombre #redlips
Had a mini session with @s.c.photog loveee the photos! And I love my top from @fraucatscloset #me #plussizeandproud #curvychic
Im going to need my own office soon😳 #business #hustle #20s #liveyolife #2businesses #pearlscloset #pearlphotography #me

Is it weird that I found juggling my photography business,my new clothing store both exciting and fun? I’m like literally using the ipad,my iPhone,and my computer to post and do all this stuff and I’m like giddy lmfao man I wish I could just do these two jobs and not my full time regular job which I have to go to come friday ugh.

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Like anyone cares but I’ve been MIA on here because I’ve been trying to get followers via instagram and views and sales on my website! so if your interested in seeing more stuff from me  you can find me @pearlsclosett and sadiel0ve thats a zero in love.

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Itd mean the world to me if people would go like my facebook page for Pearl’s Closet!!:)


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Jon and I have spoken about marriage I know its going to happen so I decided to look at different things like photographers videographers wedding planners and venues and woah did they get pricey

wedding photographer $3,500 
videographer $1,700 
and I couldn’t even find a cheapish wedding planner lmfao and venues suck cause there all country in my town glad I looked now!

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